About the recipes

The Foodie Goes Healthy Philosophy:

The “Foodie” part:
The recipes in my blog have to garner raves at my family dinner table and at gatherings of friends. My “foodie” side has to approve. Everything here will be what I think food is supposed to be: comforting, flavorful, and amazing to taste, smell, and see. You will not find any “health food” here that tastes like cardboard. This is the kind of food that makes your tastebuds want to sing.

The “Healthy” part:
Most of the food I cook is what I consider to be healthy. However, I am not a nutritionist and this is not diet advice. The recipes are my personal cookbook of what I really cook at home. My primary needs are to limit my dairy intake and to eat low cholesterol meals. I aspire to use fresh, organic, local, lowfat, whole grain, lean-cut ingredients. I try to incorporate fruits and vegetables. I don’t want to over-do the salt and sugar. Notice I said “aspire” because I am not looking for perfection, but I do strive for balance. I make my meals as healthy as I can without sacrificing taste. In addition, I do indulge in special treats in moderation on occasion. I will let you know when I consider a recipe to be a “special treat.”

Now check out my recipes and let’s get cooking!