Casamiento Wraps: El Salvadoran Comfort Food Made With the Ultimate Rice and Beans


Today I am sharing an El Salvadoran dish and one of my “go-to” comfort foods: casamiento, which means marriage in Spanish. Casamiento is made by mixing together, or marrying, rice and beans. I make a wrap by filling a tortilla with casamiento and my favorite toppings. My kids love when I set up a topping bar because then everyone can add what they like. My kids are more enthusiastic about dinner when they make their own creation.

My recipe for Casamiento Wraps is included in my guest post at Eating Rules, the home of October Unprocessed. My version is made with wholesome, preservative-free, chemical-free ingredients. First I share my ultimate recipes for Vegetable Brown Rice and Lightly Refried Beans. I have tweaked these classics so that they have the best flavor, texture, and nutrition. Then I share ideas for a variety of toppings. So click on over to learn how to turn these simple dishes into a delicious meal.

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