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Green Juice Is the New Coffee

I’ve caught the juicing craze. I like the healthy, tasty jolt it gives my mornings. I used to think green juice looked weird and refused to try it. Then Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Kitchen convinced me to try it. I met her at a fundraiser at the home of Julie and Eric Handler, founders of Positively Positive. Kris did a juicing demonstration and explained her wellness philosophy. Julie and Eric made juicing look so easy in their kitchen. Now I’m hooked on juicing. Ya see, the company you keep really does rub off on you. That’s what my parents tried to tell me when I was a teenager. I guess they were ri…ri..right. There, I said it.

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No recipe jam

“No Recipe” Low-Sugar Refrigerator Strawberry Jam

What I like best about this jam recipe is that it doesn’t use commercial pectin to thicken the jam. It uses natural pectin in the form of lemon juice and apple, which are easy to have on hand. This type of pectin doesn’t firm up as densely as boxed pectin. The consistency is looser and has a very homemade quality. The jam can be used on toast and or as a topping for yogurt or cheesecake.

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Sweet Potato Oatmeal in the Slow Cooker

When the weather is cold, I love to have a warm breakfast waiting for me when I wake up. I like to set up the slow cooker in the evening with oatmeal, and then it’s ready in the morning. My favorite combination is sweet potato with cinnamon and nutmeg.

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Salmon Mousse Spread and Recipe Notes From the Past

I felt my mom’s presence today, even though she died over twenty years ago. I made her creamy, smoky Salmon Mousse appetizer recipe today for a parent meeting. First, I went to my file box of old family recipes where I found the recipe on a scrap of paper in my handwriting. This recipe is […]

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