I’m In a Cookbook!

Mo' Macaroni and Cheese: 30 Mouthwatering Recipes for America's Favorite Comfort Food   http://ow.ly/w8O1IToday my mac and cheese recipe is published in the e-cookbook Mo’ Macaroni and Cheese: 30 Mouthwatering Recipes for America’s Favorite Comfort Food. The cookbook is a collection of recipes from 30 Los Angeles-based food bloggers and is published by Food Bloggers Los Angeles.

The cookbook has so many varieties of mac and cheese, including my recipe which is Lightened up, Lactose-free, and Make ahead. I tweaked the recipe from my blog. I can’t stop myself from tweaking recipes, even my own.

Lightened Up Mac and Cheese | Foodie Goes Healthy

The other recipes range from decadent to health-conscious and from traditional to jazzed up. There’s even a vegan version. I really want to try the one with pumpkin and sage, and I’m intrigued by the mac n cheese pizza with pesto. The cookbook is so full of creative recipes.

The proceeds from the e-cookbook go to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. The cost is only $1.99. You can get your copy through Amazon and other ebook sellers. Try these #30macncheese recipes.

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